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Maxed out 370cc inj. at stock Boost!

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Well I have come to the conclusion that I am maxing out my injectors. I put down 246.9whp and 212.0 ft.lbs. on a stock pulsar t28 at 7psi. This is with 370cc injectors. I have a bored Stock maf with a 3bar JWT ECU program. I dont know where to begin. I dont want to go with 50lb. injectors just yet. I am waiting for the winter! What do I do for the time being??? Thanks and have a good one!
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MarkSR20 said:
I was looking to go that route also! But wouldnt bigger injectors and Cobra MAF and JWT ECU Reprogramming with water injection do the same thing? I am just looking to figure out options! Thanks for your reply!
im not fond of the cobra maf, get the ttz maf.
get the jwt ecu, it rocks
i wouldnt mess with water injection either

check out look in the racing section. there is a guy with a t28 on a usdm sr20 with 151K+ miles on it running low 13's. he is topped out at 9.75psi on 370's.

1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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