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Manual Transmission Issues

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heh, those of you that know me, know that my car is a piece of crap.

here is the new "somethings wrong with mclaren's car" thread:

out of the blue monday, my car got really hard to shift into any gear above second. the only smooth shifting now is: anything to neutral, 1st to 2nd, and reverse. 2nd to 3rd sucks and 3rd to 4th sucks and 3rd to 2nd sucks

i thought maybe my synchros were going, so i tried to revmatch. sometimes it works, most of the time it doesnt. sometimes when i try to go from 2nd to 3rd, i try to push it into 3rd and nothing, when i let up off the clutch it grinds. i have to put it into neutral, drop the clutch. push the pedal again and try to put it back into 3rd and it works sometimes. sometimes if i speed shift into 3rd and 4th, sometimes it goes right in.

sometimes i have to try to previous method AND revmatch on top of that. its getting really annoying.

i was doing some reading, and it led me to believe that some bushings are bad, or my shifting fork is bent.

i dont think my clutch is bad. no slipping or nothing and it catches fine.

i dunno whats wrong with my p.o.s. car, and im getting tired of it. my car will be paid of next month, so i could get a new car. but i dont want monthly payments for another 4 or 5 years, so thats out of the question.

thanks for all the help you guys can give me...
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could bad motor/transmission mounts also cause this problem? i now get a weird vibration when i reverse and when i step on it a little in third gear theres a loud thunk and some wheel hop, as if the whole engine is moving...
this just in...something in my tranny blew and now its stuck in second gear. the stick is in neutral, but its stuck in second gear...

new plan now...if i can actually do it, is to drive to another state and buy an se-r

im sick of this pos...
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