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I live in the USA but have a 1990 Nissan Sentra at a friends residence in Mexico when I decide to visit and run around a bit. While it was being used during my abscence, it died on the road. I had taken another tested used alternator,before, as a spare. It was installed with a new battery. The car ran for five days and quit running again. A decent mechanic is hard to find and suspect that the battery was not disconnected before it was installed. I brought a brand new alternator and installed it myself following the instructions to the T (I have done a lot of auto repair over the years and never, not read the instructions when it comes to electrics.) Anyway, everything was great for two weeks and suddenly the charge light stays on after the ignition is turned off.The car ran for about 70 miles before draining all the juice out of the battery. From what I've found, the diodes are gone. It's not a surprise on a new alternator as I have run across this before in the states. However, I can't just run it back to the auto store for a replacement.

I decided to search the internet to better my success in the installation of the next alternator beyond a defective unit. I ran into some articles that any vehicle over 10 years old may have some electrical quirks in the alternator harness that can cause a perfectly good unit to go bad. The recommentation was to add direct cables from the battery to the alternator.

Would appreciate any help how to do this. Are all the wires involved or just the wire terminal on the back of the alternator?
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