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actually the b13 suspention is just like the b12 sus. 4 wheel indapendant. I went with sprint 2" springs and there an awsome ride. I have KYB GR2's on the car and still rides smooth and stiff i meen its a great combination. eibachs are nice springs i jsut feel you spend to much money for what you get and considering if your going for looks a 1.5" drop doesnt give you to much for the lookers. I have 16's on the car with 205,40's
and I dont know what you guys were talking about with the muffler issue but i havnt had any problems. Only thing i had to do after lowering ther car was roll the fender wells to prevent my tires from being cut.
I really suggest buying performance springs and not cutting them. by cutting the spring your going to give your struts a nice fast premature life. and @ 2" your safe and dont need a camber kit but if you go anything past 2" you will most definatly need a camber kit to get close to proper alignment.
if you really want the flexability of the low look and setting the car exactly for the feel and look you want id suggest going with coil overs made for the b13 ser. yes they will fit fine. Danny your going to need to swap that whole sus to SER sus if your doing that engine swap. I would start ordering things for the SER now like the axels and springs and struts. most of the parts will fit on the b12 anyways so why not :).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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