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i personally have had a bunch of '97's and so does my friend. I like the '97 model year, i think that they are the most refined although Im sure someone would disagree with me.

These trucks are seriously a great value for your money. They run damn near forever with decent maintenance and in my opinion, blow away Toyota insofar as rust issues, heavy duty build, fully boxed frames and a 17.1 inch deep bed. Toyota simply cannot compete. Nissans also do not have the head gasket issues that Toyota will always have.. ( 4 AND 6 cylinder) and they WILL have issues with the head gasket, its just a matter of time. I like the interior of the 94 and above... more modern.

The only issue for me has been the scarcity of factory Tilt wheel which is always packaged with the cruise control. Im tall and the steering wheel standard angle is set for a person about 5'10".

They are better trucks than comparable Toyota's in every way that I can think of and I have had many of both.
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