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hey there guys...

some ass hit me on the rear of my newly bought nx2000 and ran off...luckily he just scratched off some paint but then i notice that a piece dropped friend saw the guy who knocked me and he took away with the piece...i guess hes gonna throw it away and hope i never notice that it was knocked in the first place... anyways was just wondering if any of u guys have any nx2000 to part out or if u have what i want and wanna get rid of it...the pics to what i am talking about are here...

this is from my left wheel well...u can see the gray piece thingy...

this is from my right one without the gray thingy...

now what i want is that gray thingy...from the right side bumper...if anyone has a parted out nx or changed theirs and is willing to sell me that...just tell me how much...

thanks! ;)
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