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I bought an Autopage 900mhz 2-way alarm a few months back, and I had it installed. The 96 200SX SE-R kept getting broken into at my apartment. I have since moved to Orlando. The installation was done by a good shop, and it works great! But they would NOT install the remote start b/c the car has a manual tranny.

I tried to explain to them that the car is NEVER left in gear b/c it has a turbo timer. I would REALLY like to have the remote start operational b/c I never boost the car or rev high until it is heated up. It would be awesome to remote start it on my way out of the office, so it is ready for hard driving.

I downloaded all the tech manuals and wire locations. I am very capable, but it is something I just don't want to do. I think a professional is better in this case. I am very particular about my car, and I would really love to have someone who is also particular and very knowledgeable help me. This is the only feature lacking on the alarm, and I don't think it would take a pro very long.

Please, pass this request on to anyone who might be willing to help me out. I know a lot of pros are scared of the liability, but again, this is not an issue on my car whatsoever. Thanks and let me know!
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