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looking for lowering compression pistons

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hey, i just joined the club looking for help on my nx2000 swop to the qr25de that i am building..i can't seem to find any pistons for the engine.
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chimmike said:
only one other person that I'm aware of, anywhere, has swapped a QR into an NX...because it's just that, not a good idea.

good luck to you though man.
someone shit in your wheaties this morning? get off your trip, bitch.
TYCO said:
hey thanks for the reply...the reason for the swap is cause ithe guy who had the car before cracked the block..from oil starvation so really i have the shell..i had the qr 25 de from another car that i no longer i though it would be a good idea to try the one around here(ottawa) has done it yet.
ok.... and you need lower compression pistons why? just commence to swappin'. (chimmike is right, tho... it ain't gonna be easy)
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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