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looking for lowering compression pistons

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hey, i just joined the club looking for help on my nx2000 swop to the qr25de that i am building..i can't seem to find any pistons for the engine.
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I can't fathom why the heck you'd get rid of the SR20 in that car for the heavier, weaker internal qr25.............

but yea, any internals you get are going to be custom. almost anything is custom on this engine. And repairs/parts are not cheap!
only one other person that I'm aware of, anywhere, has swapped a QR into an NX...because it's just that, not a good idea.

good luck to you though man.
Travis never destroked a QR (well, one that ran for more than a couple of hours without somethin blowing or breaking.)

Avoid Travis. I'm sorry, but he's too risky, and you can even ask one of his most recent customers and he also used to be Trav's most staunch defender.

Jamie at powertech imports can get you what you want....almost anything you want. email him. [email protected]
haha a free AEBS? dayum...good deal :)
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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