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looking for lowering compression pistons

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hey, i just joined the club looking for help on my nx2000 swop to the qr25de that i am building..i can't seem to find any pistons for the engine.
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Travis of Forced Induction Racing can do this. While his customer service has been debated at times, his knowledge of the QR25 is impressive (And Nissans and general). He's a damned smart guy and has done some major building on the QR in turbo applications and N/A applications. IIRC he has even destroked a few QRs in his day.
chimmike said:
Travis never destroked a QR (well, one that ran for more than a couple of hours without somethin blowing or breaking.)

Avoid Travis. I'm sorry, but he's too risky, and you can even ask one of his most recent customers and he also used to be Trav's most staunch defender.

Jamie at powertech imports can get you what you want....almost anything you want. email him. [email protected]
Jamie is an excellent individual to do business with. A guy bought a turbo kit from them and is receiveing it in March, and he happens to have an AEBS header in flawless condition. As basic knowledge goes, you dont need a header once you turbocharge, so the dude is selling me his AEBS so I owe Jamie some props indirectly. :D
Well not free but a damn good deal. I pay him a small amount of money, he pays shipping on the AEBS and I ship and send him my stock exhaust manifold and midpipe in case he wants to go back to stock. Overall, for a perfect condition AEBS that has every single part that it originally came from, its a good deal. And after talking to people who have done business with Jamie, if Jamie said the kit will arrive in March, it will arrive in March; and not March of the next year. ;)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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