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Looking for advice

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Hi All,

Just thought I'd post a message hoping to get some advice as to what I can do to my car.
Unfortunatly I have not the time, money or facilities to do major mods to my car plus I have a feeling I would end up with an endless stream of speeding tickets :eek:)
I have seaching the web to see if someone has already done what I have been thinking and I am truley impressed with some of the mods.
I have a 97 Sentra 4 door, manual with the tiny 1.6L but it's mine and I like it.
What I would really like to is to give it some of the features of it's more expensive brethern, Tach, Cruise, Power Locks, Power Windows, etc, small things but things I should be able to handle in a day.
I just finished changing my dash lights and found some interesting things.
IS it possible to have the unused warning lights usable by adding the missing resitors and diodes? ie when I add cruis can I have the cruis light, light up?

Also is there a site with pictures of what the diferent models of the 97's interiors look like?
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looking for advice...

i have a '98 200sx service manual, let me see what i can dig up, because it's basically the same with sentra, only with 2 less doors...
i can get all sort of goodies. like intake exhaust and stuff. just let me know and i give you price checks. i drive a 95 Sentra GXE and has only few stylin stuff on it
well lexurious u said, than try to get some infinity g20T seats
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