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Hi guys,
im new to nissanforums and its really cool to see so many people as passionate about their cars as i am about mine. my 1998 se 5spd is making a whining/grinding sound while car is in neutral only while the clutch is out. while the clutch is depressed there is no noise, but while driving in low gears it sounds horrible (skateboard on concrete). i've talked with a few people on and took it by a shop and they all said it was the input shaft bearings, so i plan on a rebuild. my dilema is that the shop quoted me $1600-$2000 and between college and expenses i dont have that kind of cash. im sure ill barely be able to cover parts so i was wondering if there is anyone local who has the tools and would like to help a fellow owner out, if you would like to help me out i will give you my black recaro SE seat (retail $400 needs only a scrub) out of an 83 bmw 5 series im selling.
thanks in advance
(can post pics of seat)

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That's a bad throw-out bearing, not input shaft bearing. Cost is much less. Labor is about the same, though, since the transmission has to come out.

You have a 98 SE...what? Altima? Sentra? Maxima? You might edit your data to help the rest of us when trying to help you.
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