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i'm looking for a good vendor in the northwest to pick up some parts from the front end of a used 90 sentra. mainly the front braces and headlight mounts. Over here in Lewiston @ the local junk yard all the Sentras have front end damage and i can only get the parts for the right side (apparently everybody that owned all 6 of these felt the left side needed to get hit hard)

I read somewhere that BMW headlights from a specific range year can fit the 90 sentra. My friends are curious to see the change so i'm thinking about throwing them in to be different. Does anyone know the post or what year and any other mods required to put them in? any info given is appreciated.

thanks in advance

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If I'm thinking of the correct body style in the Sentra, then the 90 would be a B12 correct? If that's the case then you might be able to use the headlights from an E36 3 series bimmer (92-98). You'd probably do best shooting for a 92-94 Bimmer. The headlights were behind wide rectangle that (in my minds eye) resembles the shape you would find in a B12 Sentra.

Check it out, you might even be able to score yourself some angel eyes!

STILL looking for a B13 SE-R
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