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LED light swap tutorial 💡 💡 💡

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I've got a 2021 Rogue Platinum (Should be the same for all trims '21 and up). It's the top of the top trims, so I would expect it to have the best of the best.. Not the case when it comes to lighting, especially the interior. So I decided to go full LED on everything I could!


¹ Front map lights
² Visor mirror lights
³ Tailgate light
⁴ Rear seat lights
⁵ License plate lights
⁶ Rear blinkers
⁷ Reverse lights

(¹)I started with the center map lights. Easy to swap with virtually no problems. (²) Next was the visor mirror lights which proved much trickier. They didn't just drop down from the headliner.. I was able to get the passenger side swapped but the driver side came disconnected from the wire connector. Easy I thought, I'll just pull the wire out.. Nope. They tape the wires to the headliner at the factory, thus, the wire would not pull out and I couldn't get it reconnected. I ended up having to cut a tiny piece of the headliner off to get enough surface to work with. The newly removed section was covered by the trim piece so everything appears as it should. (³) Similar to the visor issue the tailgate light wires were also tapped which made it a bit difficult. However once I was able to remove the tiny screw it was swapped with in a minute. (⁴) After being intimidated by the video I attempted to swap the rear seat lights. I followed the video with the first light and it was tough, I had to use a plastic thing-a-bob to pop the bulb out. I didn't take the light cover off all the way because I wasn't confident I could get it back on. On the opposite side I attempted the same thing, but to my surprise the entire light housing came out (which made it overly simple to swap). Bing bang boom, I was done with the rear seat lights, and the entire set of 7 interior lights. (⁵) License plate lights were super easy to pop out, but a bit trickier to pop back in. The wire connector disconnection was the most difficult part of the swap and took a bit of elbow grease. DON'T FORGET TO SECURE THE BLUE LOCK. I forgot to do one and I couldn't get it back out so we'll see what happens. (⁶) The rear blinkers were easy. 10mm socket got the bolts out smoothly. A couple good whacks and the first pin came out. The second pin required a little more effort but it was relatively easy. The signal socket has directional arrows for locking. Twist, remove, pull out bulb, replace with LED, check functionality, put into housing, lock. Putting the housing back on to the body was easy, just did the opposite of the removal process. Furthest pin first, then set the rearward pin and whack it back into place and you're done. (⁷) The reverse lights were a bit tricky. After popping the 24 plastic pins out and removing the trim panel came the removal of the 2 8mm nuts on each light housing. I used extreme caution while removing each nut. Even still, I wish I would have used a magnetic socket. I dropped a nut but luckily it didn't fall into the hatch. Overall the process took about 15 minutes. Checking it required 2 people because I couldn't put it into reverse and go look at the same time.

With all lights completely swapped I'm very satisfied with the results (minus my forgetfulness of securing the blue locking tab). Total cost was somewhere around $75 and 90 minutes of my time. I would highly recommend an LED conversation to everyone. Difficulty scale 2/5. Tools I use were flat head screw driver, paint can opener, piece of scrap plastic and a Leatherman tool.

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle registration plate

Car Automotive lighting Tire Hood Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Car Land vehicle Vehicle Cloud
(License plate lights not installed at the time of this photo)
Car Window Motor vehicle Head restraint Automotive design

Automotive lighting Sky Automotive exterior Automotive design Tints and shades


●All interior lights (minus tailgate light)

iBrightstar Newest Extremely Bright Wedge T10 168 194 LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights, Xenon White

●Tailgate light

Serundo Auto DE3175 Led Car Bulb 31mm 1.22in Led Festoon Bulb, DE3021 DE3022 DE3023 6428 6430 7065 Led Festoon Bulb, 6000k White Super Bright Interior Led Used for Car Map Dome Light etc ,Pack of 4pcs

●License plate lights

iJDMTOY OEM-Fit 3W Full LED License Plate Light Kit Compatible With 2019/2020-up Nissan Altima Sentra Versa Rogue, Powered by 18-SMD Xenon White LED

●Rear turn signals

OXILAM 7440 LED Bulbs Amber Yellow 4000LM for Turn Signal Lights with Build-in Load Resistor CANBUS Error Free T20 7440NA 7441 W21W WY21W Blinker Bulb Replacement (2PCS)

●Reverse lights

Limited-time deal: 2022 Upgraded 912 921 LED Bulb Reverse Lights, OXILAM Backup Light Bulbs for Car, 300% Higher Brightness 6000K White, Mini Size Non-polarity Canbus Error Free T15 906 W16W Bulb, Pack of 2

☆Interior light tutorial

☆Rear turn signals tutorial

☆Reverse lights tutorial

☆License plate light tutorial
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Quite unlikely you'd break a light, I'd be more worried about dropping a nut from the reverse lights, other than that it's fairly simple if you have some mechanical knowledge
O ok good point I have been working on cars for many years now.

So far just doing interior then I will tackle exterior after I do tint and install sl chrome pieces along with fog lights.
I did the full interior swap, in addition to the reverse lights, rear signals and rear running lights and whoa what an improvement!

Question though on other lights to potentially replace, has anyone converted their brake lights to LED? What about the light in the center console lower storage area? I noticed it a few nights ago as it’s the only light in the cabin thats halogen based now.
Rear brake lights are already LED from factory.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts