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I have a 95' Pathfinder SE 4X4. A few weeks ago when the weather got cold I noticed a small spot of anitfreeze under my pathy, and when i start it there is a louder then normal "skreeching" sound until it warms up (the accessory belts need a change too). The antifreeze drips from the bottom of the main pully very slowly when cold but stops when warm. It could be my water pump seal is leaking but that does not explain the noise. I am guessing I need a whole new pump. Anyone have experience chanig it? Is it a PITA? Any ideas about something else to check before taking the time in the cold weather to change it?

I know this is a lame band-aide, but anyone ever have any luck with those stop leaks fluids? I am scared that could plug up some other much more important orifice, but at the same time I have neither the time or desire to change the pump right now.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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