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yes thats right, every turbo car owners nightmare. leaking turbos!! i took my car to a Z shop and he told me that theres no way to replace just the turbo seals. is this true or is he just tellin me that so i have to spend all my money on new turbos? i was thinking that i might as well upgrade them beings i have to get new ones anyway. i was thinkin bout going with the jwt 550bb turbo kit. i really want the 730bb's but thats prolly just a waste of power right? my car is only a stage 3 so far. i have big dreams though,lol, just need the money. i would like some opinions on what turbo kit to get and also which cams, lift, and fuel injectors? also what kind of power and 1/4 mile times do you think i can get from this turbo upgrade? ill prolly post again with more questions later. thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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