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Hey guys, Glad to find a site to read and share ideas about nissan product. I have what appears to be a leaking bushing off the trailing arm of the rear suspension. Does anyone know if 2001 Nissan Maximas have bushings that may be oil filled? All the brake lines are clear and the leak appears to be coming from a round metal housing with a rubber insert. On the opposite side it is bone dry with the exactly same bushing. Maybe I need a Nissan master tech. for this one but I was hoping someone had the same issue. I also have a bad right rear abs sensor. Is it worth the time to clean it or should I just replace it? I changed the front and rear brakes so I am not worried about the difficulty of the job but rather the possibility of cleaning being an viable option? Sorry for the long thread but in actuality i cut this puppy down three times already! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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