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Coming home late last night from work, i was in no hurry and had cruise control set at 65, i was taking my time coming up to constuction and no other traffic to really worry about.

All of a sudden this car flew past me, its 3:30 am i am not really in the mood to play catch up, but i saw the car slow down and it got beside me, playing rev your engine he floored it and, still not in the mood sat there with cruise control on. Well this kid slowed down came back and gave me a look like what the hell, i saw him downshift, so i finally decided screw it, took it out of cruise control and dropped it to 4th gear, he started to go again, and i punched it, i looked at my speed going 100mph in 4th, then i put it into 5th look in my rear view and all i see are his two head lights.

Kids never learn, if you want to race someone, have something worth racing. Thank you all.

Interesting thing that happened just wanted to share my experience.



Thanks everyone, and sorry if my story sucked, it was funny and i just wanted to see his face when i flew past him!

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