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I wanted you nissan fans that may be interestedin this. This GB is open to everyone. I will start to collect payments soon and will likely have a cutoff date of the 15th of march. If you are interested all the info is here:
GB Laser Interceptor - Mazda6 / Atenza
Please sign up if you are interested. I read the rules of this forum and it did not say this was against the rules, but if it is I appologize, just want to get others a great deal.

Here is my post from the STI forums where I took over this GB:
Here is the Group Intrest topic fullerton posted.
Gauging Interest: Laser Interceptor (Jammer) Group Buy
I have taken over the GB for him. I would like to put the order in on March 3rd so I need to collect payments at the end of the moneth.
Money needs to be send to me and I will wire the money to the vender. I am working with another member to get shipping deals for everyone as they would ship to me and I will send to you.

Fullerton contacted the Laser Interceptor people and inquired if they would like to do a group buy.

The price is $440 for 2 heads, with each additional head costing $165. A "unit" would be 2 heads, for this GB. [/font][/color]

A bit of a background. The Laser Interceptor is a Laser jammer. At the last Guys of LIDAR test, the Laser Interceptor was the BEST one they tested. Learn more here[/i]."
Here is a test that was done that shows how well this unit works:
Guys of LIDAR - Laser Jammer Test - March 2007
That is an independent 3rd party. If you do some research you will find that last year they voted the M20 to be the best. LI is the absolute best on the market today that I can tell. If you dont want the best you can go with something else.

Looking on forum I found that most all say that LI hands down is the jammer to own if you want to be worry free of ever getting a ticket again.

Please spread the word as we know so many people dont go out of certain forums.

SO people know I have done GB's before here is the second one I just hosted:
Mazdaspeed 6 Rear Differential MountGB

I personally dint think so. Here is some info on install:
How to Install a Laser Jammer - Subaru Legacy Forums

Here is the website:
Laser Interceptor
The comany is based oversees, in Croatia, which is where they will be shipped from.

Some more good reading: :: Laser Interceptor latest model is here?

Of all these laser jammers, the Laser Interceptor appears to be the most effective laser jammer in the world, and doubles as a Collision Avoidance tool.
not sure about the second part of that sentence.

some vids:
YouTube - Laser Interceptor vs Marksman LTI 20.20

YouTube - Laser Interceptor vs Kustom Signal Pro Laser II

I cant watch those at work so I have no idea what they are about.

and here is a site that sells them for $655 shipped
Laser Interceptor, Car Parking Aid, Jammer, Scrambler, Police, Lazer, Twin Quad heads, Radar Detector, Intercepter, UK

Gauging Interest: Laser Interceptor (Jammer) Group, From an STI forum
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