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Hi All! I am excited about joining a Nissan Forum. I have ownde my Altima GXE for almost 10 years. I have watched and assisted my mechanic from oil chnages to timing tensioner and guide replacement. I am intimate friends, first name basis with the parts people at Advance Auto parts and Autozone, and of course Nissan Genuine Parts Department. I hope to learn a lot and share a little.


I will be posting a question today.

As learn to manuevur the site I will be a better Nissan contributor!

My Altima has 191,00 miles and I intend to keep it for as long as possible to give to my son who will be 16 in a year and a half. It is my BABY!
I drive the car at least 500 miles per week.

Thanks for letting Lipstick Wearing Broads hang out here!


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Welcome to the forum. Be sure to check the Altima sections for any and all information you could possibly need/want on your car.

Have any site navigation questions, fire away.

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Congratulations on joining NF!!:thumbup: Good work keeping the Altima going.
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