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Is the KYB GR2 a replacement shock or a one step better then replacement and is the performance better then stock

Do they have a life time warranty or what.

What other shock is available for a b12 sentra.

A GR2 is 83 Canadian
i can also get koni and tocikos

Will they blow on me after a year of driving on the stock springs
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They are just for replacing the stock. I have them on my 240 with H&R springs and they don't do so well. Ride became VERY harsh too....and that's on a 240. Imagine what would the sentra be like with these shocks. However my friend have the same combo on a civic hatch and altima and comfort level remind while handling improve ALOT.
Go with Tokico. I have them on my front suspension and they still holding up like new after 5 years of flying over speed bumps and city driving.
I have BOTH KYB and Tokico on my cars. AND I drive daily in manhattan worst road than this. KYB just not as good as the Tokico...........TOKICO last........KYB's ok........but I'll never get the GR2 again.....maybe AGX
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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