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Is the KYB GR2 a replacement shock or a one step better then replacement and is the performance better then stock

Do they have a life time warranty or what.

What other shock is available for a b12 sentra.

A GR2 is 83 Canadian
i can also get koni and tocikos

Will they blow on me after a year of driving on the stock springs
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The Gr2's are definatly better than stock struts i put them on my car combined with the sprint lowstreat 2" springs plus i have the strut bar and sway bar so the ride is nice and stiff my car rides wonderfull on the highway and great in the city unless i hit a pothole and thatll jolt the hell out of me but it doesnt bounce or go crazy just single hit nice smooth action.

I would say for those of us without a Big paycheck the Gr2's are wonderfull and definatly the best for the buck. you can get them for $39.00 cheeper than nissan oem replacement.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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