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KYB GR2s are probably what Nissan used in the first place for OEM strus/shocks. They ride almost identically as stocks (just a little firmer but it may just be the fact that anyone who changed to GR2s had the stock struts/shocks gone by then) and are in no way harsh or whatever.

Monroes are nice as stock replacements but several people have tried them in the old days and there seemed to be a consensus that they deteriorate faster than GR2s.

KYG AGX area much better replacement but there is NO WAY you can get it anywhere close to the GR2 price. Cheapest I have seen them is around US$370 so they ar close to 75% MORE than GR2s.

If anyone can find a place with AGXs costing US$2xx, LET ME KNOW.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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