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The KYBs seem to be the most reasonably-priced struts on the market, at
least for my car, a 95 Nissan 200SX SE-R. Tire Rack quotes these at $215
for a set of 4, including shipping. But I've heard that despite their
advertising claims of blending a smooth ride with great handling, they ride
like crap, or like a truck, especially at low speeds. Others claims they
ride much better after they're worn-in a bit. Opinions?
On the other hand, there's always Sears, which is now Monroe's main dealer,
and their Sens-a-trac struts go for $70 at each corner, plus $45 to install
each one. Plus there's the mandatory 4-wheel alignment that comes with
changing the fronts, which is $60. Does this sound reasonable? Seems
pretty expensive for a conventional strut (the KYBs are gas-charged, which
is supposedly more sophisticated).
Which has a better blend of ride/handling? Anyone live in the California
bay area and know better automotive shops than Sears?
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