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Ok, so after driving around on my KYB agx's for about 4 months -- the roads have gotten worse (Chattanooga TN has some of the worst roads I've seen in my life). Well actually.. I could have delt with it fine had they not tore up the highway that I had to drive everyday. Anyway, I'm stuck with bumping pretty damn bad going across bridges (there are 3 of them on my way to work). What should I use for a setup for this bumpy of a rd? Right now I had it on 2 front 4 rear.. but tonight I changed it to 3 ft 4 rr. Do I go stiffer for bumpier roads (to avoid hitting my bumpstops) or softer? I searched the msg board (I know it had been discussed before in the old forums, but I didn't find it here. Any suggestions?

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What springs are you using??? This is a major issue in deciding what to do.

Plus, do you actually know you are hitting the bump stops? If YES then indeed, stiffening the AGXs will be better. However, AGXs have a very firm compression dumping when compared with stock struts or Koni inserts (or whatever for that matter). If you are not sure you are hitting the bump stops then going bacj to a lighter setting should be your first choice, especially when the road irregularities are small and abrupt (as in road surface reconstruction) rather than large and smooth..

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