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Ky Peeps

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Where you all at?
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Lexington nissan people?

so, i didn't know anyone else in ky was into nissans! where you all hiding? lets hook it up now that school's out for summer thank god!!!!! talk to me........
hey jay this is my thread!!! lol

burlington here...

who wants to race?bbq?hang out?

email me sometime, i'm in lex. btw, you still have the ser throttle body?
yeah i still have the tb..its from a 93 se-r ....50 bucks+shipping....
ok, well i'll get back to you...i may not have the sentra for too much longer, it won't tow a 5000 lb boat!:D
I live in Lexington. Were any of you at Car Wars on the 5th?
i was there, but i didn't run. :mad:
I'm over *right* next door to Ashland, KY. :D

And yes, I was at Car Wars on May 5, and yes, I did run, and yes, I ran like complete crap-ola. We were shaking down the new turbo (T28) on my car that day. It had a total of 5 miles of run-time since the install before going to Car Wars. So, only 14s for me.

Since Car Wars, though, my 1/8th mile ET has dropped by over 1/2 a second. So, the car is back in the 13s again @ 7psi.

I'd be up for a meet. Next Car Wars is July 7, IIRC. sersam (on the boards) is in Lex, too. :)
so, why don't all the ky peeps get together the day before car wars in lexington and have a cookout/clean/tune/whatever?!?
wassup, western ky?

as i am pretty new to the scene, i would like to see what western ky has to offer. if nothing, i guess i will have to travel to lexi and hook up out there. can't believe i'm the only nissan nut around this part. :( SERprise, could you give more info on Car Wars. first time i've heard of it.
Check out the new thread.:)
Re: wassup, western ky?

mex6969 said:
as i am pretty new to the scene, i would like to see what western ky has to offer.
I currently live in Lexington, but I'm originally from Madisonville. Where are you?

Sersam, thanks for the use of your yard the other day. Much appreciated!
wassup JingJing, Long time no see?!
so everyone in lex needs to get together sometime!!
Hey yall! Im from the Louisville area and just got into the SE-R sceen!Been a Nissan nut since 1991 when I bought a 300zx!I also have a Nissan Altima 3.5se and love every moment of both cars.Im looking forward to getting together with some of you people to chill!I just need about a 2 weeks notice before any events duee to my job!Got to pay for these cars!LOL ok C yall later! BTW LEX is a shor and fun drive for me,and a cool place to hang out!:cool:
Hey i'm movin back to the louisville area in a few months. We should hook up. I got a few friends down there with some nissan's. I see you got an on
Sweet! Yeah just keep posting here and when you get back into town we will get together.I know a few Nissan freaks arround so we will throw a bash or something!:cool:
jEzTeR's Nissan pics Whoot I got my pics on the form!:) Check em out! PeAcEs
Florence here. just got the det swap runnning good.

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