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OhTwoAltimaSE said:
Which works best? Sound proofing the doors, the trunk, under the rear seat, other places?

I'll be doing one at a time, where do I start?
I had complete undercoat done, double thick on wheel wells, Dynomat like material on entire trunk and under seats, foam pad over wheels wells and under back seat, in the center console, lighter foam in doors, & Michelin tires. Each mod made a difference in sound level.
Sound can be reduce in two ways. Stopping the resonance of the metal parts such as trunk & floor with a dynomat type material. And stopping the sound infiltration through the outer skin with some sort of padding.

Padding in the doors and Dynomat material on the trunk made the most difference.

The Rat's concerns about the doors are valid, but I have had no problems with my doors since putting in the extra padding. The padding material does not come in contact with the window mechanism and does not interfere with the cables going to the door latch/lock. The material I used compresses so well that the panel clips are not effected. The padding I used was similar to what Nissan used around the door speakers; it compressed very easily and does not interfere with any moving parts. Drain holes are on the outer part of the door and not impeded by the padding. Doors now close with a quality "thud" not a "clunk" and transmitted road noise is noticeably reduced.
May be warmer this winter also.
There was an extensive thread on the site with many pics from mine and Marks car. I don't know if Mark is here?
I took me 8-10 hours to complete the project.

Here's the thread I think.
Sound Insulation Plan

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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