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Re: Re: Killing the Noise

wild willy said:
The Rat and I did the undercoat thing, wheel wells, and all bare metal under the car. Made a difference on mine. Check out the bottom side of your trunk it is bare thin metal like a big drum
Believe me the most noise comes from the wheel wells and Willy and I sprayed the wells with Rubber undercoating from a can(not the stuff that the dealers use it is just asphalt) I used 3 Cans per wheel well and then touched it up later with another can per well.

I dynomatted the Trunk (Twice) I put in a trunk liner(a vinyl rubber prototype that Nissan will be selling soon. I took out the back seats and did the floor and did that exposed side of the wheel well(twice with dynomat and under the seat with dynomat(twice).

That is all you have to do. The floor and firewall are really protected well so no need to tear anything apart there .(I checked). Oh Yeh there are arguments that the doors should be done well That is not necessary, you will only weaken the clips etc. The doors have lots of moving parts that you don`t want to impede and besides they have to breathe with the speakers and motors for windows and mirrors etc. You don`t want condensation building up there, right?
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