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Hey Keith,

I'm trying to get some ideas to open up the breathing of the QG engine. I know that you had a hand with the development of the Hotshot Header.

Is there anything that will help the stock header breathe more? Or is the only option I have is to replace it?

My primary problem is that I have to get smogged soon... and I don't want to worry about removing it everytime....

I'm working with Weapon R right now. (i know you don't like them, but they've done some good things for me). And they're going to help me with headers for my car. Only problem is, they're all honda guys, and I don't want them "experimenting" on the car. I hope you can be objective, and open about your knowledge on the engine.

by the way, my budget for modifications isn't large enough to afford a turbo, or cams.... maybe an ecu, header and some laughing gas if I save money...


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Honestly the best way to get the engine to breath better is to open it up with a CAI, header and an exhaust. The stock header won't be of much help, that thing is way to restrictive.

As for the smog issue...that will be a pain to keep removing the stock/aftermarket unit to get tested. Unfortunatly no one makes a CARB approved header for the car. The only headers that are approved are Honda/Acura headers.

It's not that I don't like Weapon's just they seem to make some really hooky parts. But hey if they are willing to help you out...then by all means GO FOR IT!! :D But your right about them experimenting on your car. Be careful of what you let them do and that really applies to anyone that normally deals with Honda/Acuras.

If you need any more help, just let me know!
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