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JWT ECU question

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A friend has a 98 Altima SE and we want to do an FMAX Stage 1 kit on it. FMAX says their kit will only work with the 97 and older Altimas, because of the JWT ECU. In other words it's the same problem SE-R owners have - JWT hasn't cracked the 98+ ECUs, and you can't just bolt a 97 ECU into a 98, it won't work.

So my question is, does anybody have any information on getting an older Altima ECU to work in a 98? On the SE-R side it requires a little rewiring, nothing too major - if anybody has any information on specifically what needs to be done to get an older JWT ECU to work in a 98 Altima, I'd really appreciate it. We don't want to go standalone with the engine management if we can avoid it at all.
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Yeah, JWT is not very consumer oriented though, especially toward low-end or econo-cars. They like to tune old se-r's and spankin' new maximas and 300's not anything between 97-99 for sentra,200sx,altima, all reuire conversion to old ecu and they don't offer tech advice either. F-em
Jwt Ecu

Ruben said:
Hey now... NOBODY has an ECU replacement for 97+ ODB-II cars. They are encrypted by the automakers and it isn't like hacking a PC. This is all binary code, and requires a LOT of work.

What ever happened to the open source code/anti-competitiveness laws.
One of these days the automakers will be brought up on WTO violations,
how are software companies in the aftermarket supposed to stay in business?
And if they can't "crack" the OBDII cars why do all the new sports cars have ECU mod's available,(350Z,G35,All hondas,BMW,saab,etc....) ahem....., because they are high-end. I am just saying the company JWT does not give a rats mother-suckling ass about a 1.6L engine even if it was produced in large volume and has a fairly good aftermarket. Therefore I could care less what JWT has done for you. What we need is a stand alone ecu for NISSAN vehicles. It is worth it. JWT should be and would be out of business if it were available. Who the hell wants to send out an ecu every time you adjust something or mod a part or change out turbos/injectors etcc.....
There are some stand alone units out there and anything non-obdII should be a quick connect /disconnect to the stock wiring harness so you can place the OEM back in prior to SMOG or better yet make it OBDII compliant. The OBDII is not encrypted. The source code may be, so doesn't this defeat the entire purpose of modding your car for high performance?
I get around my ECU by putting the VSS on a switch. Speedo off at 100, GPS lets me know my speed and I whiz by 109 stock limit since the stock ECU is now out of da loop! It's also great for keeping the mileage down.
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