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JWT ECU question

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A friend has a 98 Altima SE and we want to do an FMAX Stage 1 kit on it. FMAX says their kit will only work with the 97 and older Altimas, because of the JWT ECU. In other words it's the same problem SE-R owners have - JWT hasn't cracked the 98+ ECUs, and you can't just bolt a 97 ECU into a 98, it won't work.

So my question is, does anybody have any information on getting an older Altima ECU to work in a 98? On the SE-R side it requires a little rewiring, nothing too major - if anybody has any information on specifically what needs to be done to get an older JWT ECU to work in a 98 Altima, I'd really appreciate it. We don't want to go standalone with the engine management if we can avoid it at all.
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you can get fairly inexpensive standalones from a company in spokane, wa call ptr injection, i know they have 2 different types. 3 guys in our club use them and love them. i have a 98 ser and have a wolf ecu, i am on my 2nd update and it has now with shipping cost me al most as much and my friends standalones, and i am still getting mil's and other bs, plus they can lean out for emmisions, which is cool for them since we have sniffers can visit our club site and link to ptr's web site, they are also making sweet new intakes for sr's we have 3 experimental's now to find out how big they can go... the last one is HUGE. we have been working close with them to make a street legal nx2000 hit 10's with full interior. they are estamating with the t3/t4 that he will be in the 400 hp club pretty easily, will post #'s when he finishes the build up
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