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dammit i'm beginning to hate my car, every time i fix something...couple weeks later something new comes most of the people who responded to my threads now i have a 1990 300zx n/a which was sitting for 2 years...i couldnt help it so i bought it....crazy problems, of which, most of them i got fixed already:

New fuel tank - done
New Spark Plugs - done
New MAF Sensor - done
New Battery - done
New Fuel Pump - done
New Alternator - done
New Drive Belts -done
New thermostat - done
Fluids flushed - done

and now my 2nd fuel injector is bad and the car is mechanic can do it all 6 for $400 that includes reworked injectors (cant afford new) i dont know should i get one done and do the rest later?? i dont know my mechanic knows a lot about z cars he has about 3 for parts and 2 are his and he has one coming from california for i picked the right me out what should i do???

car - $2500
total repairs without injectors and timing belt replacement - $1700 exact
total - $ 4200....its not even worth that much....cant go back now...might have to sell for a lose
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