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Just started on it.. 70 series tires cause I have to get up to the ski slopes with chains on. Might have been able to get away with 60s.. but hey. Next step is an intake.. then new header and exhaust.. Just a lot of cosmetic stuff for now.. red painted calipers, red pin striping, nozzle lights and driving lights. Im in Eugene.
Just did make clear sidemarker lenses.. thanks samo for the information. How did you seal the lucite to the other thin piece of plastic?

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Hey man, welcome to the NW forum. Glad to see another NW member. I'm in Canby, 30 miles south of PDX. Looks like you've already got a good start on your car. A white-and-red theme on the car can look really sweet - 1CLNB14 uses red and white (and carbon fiber) on his '99 and it looks great. There are lots of cheap mods you can do to your car - I would recommend removing the sidemoldings with a heat gun and some Goof Off or have them painted like mine - really cleans up the look.
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