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Hey guys, i just purchased a 02 sentra gxe with 120,000 miles. Its my daily driver. The car is very clean inside out. One owner. Seems like the guy kept it very clean.

But, i do have a few questions. Considering the mileage, what tune-ups do i need to do. Should i change out the timing chain, tensioners, water pump and thermostat since it has 120,000 miles on it. The car does run good, starts really nice. However, when i do a cold start i hear something sqeaking; Belts maybe (PS, AC, Alt belts)....???

What do you guys recommend? How can i check if the previous owner changed out the Timing Chain? I dont want to spend unnecessary money.

I was thinking of changing out the

1. Belts (Power steering, AC, Alternator)
2. Spark plugs
3. Trannsmission Oil change
4. Coolant Flushed
5. Timing Chain (if needed)
6. Water Pump
7. Thermostat

Please Tell me if any of these are necessary. IF NOT, then what is???: :confused:

Thanks in advance :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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