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sup folks!!

guess what!! i just bought me some projector lens!! they 3" in diameter and takes 9006 bulbs. its gon set me back some from my set plans but i just had to jump on it. 105 bucks shipped. with the plans that i have, these projectors were a must. i had already ordered the black halos, for the stealth look and ordered clear corners that i'm gon tint black, and paint nissan sign black for a complete stealth look in the front. next week or 2 when i got money i'm going to order some MeccaTune HID Kit when i'm done fitting the projectors in the halos. gon order me the dremel 8000-1 cordless dremel. its 10.8V with 35k rpm max, lithium based battery. it rox0rs gon use it to do alot of modding such as puttin' tweeters in rear door n such.

well i cant wait for everything to come in.
heres what i have planned to arrive
1) projector lens
2) black halos
3) clear corners to be tinted black
4) tail lights
5) dremel
6) diamond audio M661 for front, CM351 Rear
7) kicker KX800.4 amp
and much more

let the modding begin baby

btw '95 Nissan Sentra GLE- Black w/ power slidin' moonroof :-D

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hmm.. sound like another attempt for a halogen projector retrofit... hope it works well for ya.

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1. never buy a cordless anything.........i have both a corded and cordless, while i will admit the cordless it teh shit for small projects like grinding or sanding something, it is useless for cutting (has no torque at all)
2. HID in a halogen projector is not the same as a HID projector.
3> good luck :thumbup:
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