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Pioneer DEH-24f 45W x 4...

its got the fold down face, and its really nice :) gonna install it as soon as my sentra comes back from the shop

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Critic?? I didn't say that anything was wrong with the stereo, as it is a nice head unit that will look good and do a good job. It is just an older model (nothing wrong with that) that you should be able to pick up for a discount.

I'm all about saving money.

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Re: Warranty info

SentraStyleEMW said:

I hope you don't have any problems w/ your Pioneer Selrider99, as just about every place you can order pioneer online is not authorized to sell it on the net.
If you find a great price listed on the net for a Pioneer or whatever... see if they have the same unit at, if they do, then use their price matching form. You usually get a same day email for the approval, with a coupon code to use at time of purchase. I saved about $70 doing this when I recently bought a DEH P7400 for my wifes car..... it came to $201.00 with shipping!

Also if you don't mind factory refurbished units check this site out... killer deals on older models like the DEH P7200...list was $499...refurb price $189!
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