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Just after getting a 1985 Nissan Sentra SE, it went belly up. I'm now struggling with trying to figure out what went wrong!

Here's my symptoms:
Idles high (2500-3500)
Stutters while driving unless floored
Difficult to start, especially if it has sat for a few hours or more
Smokes quite badly after startup
Every now and again, instead of idling high, it just wont at all

What I've done:
Checked for simple vacuum leaks, found none (but could have missed it!)
Replaced air filter
Replaced spark plugs
Replaced fuel filter
Checked idle on carb, looks fine
Checked some vacuum tubes just just putting a finger over the hose and feeling some good suction
Checked for other intake leaks by putting my hand over the air intake on the carb- it did die.
Cursed a good deal
Threatened it

So I can get around, but it's an all or nothing experience on the throttle. Responsiveness in the mid range is either a bit stuttery to sometimes downright chugging.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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