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Just bought a used 200sx..

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Just bought a 1995 200sx 5speed w/ 97k miles to serve as my daily driver.

I'm pretty happy with the car so far, I was really happy to learn that the engine came with a timing chain and not a belt + a water pump that according to a local mechanic "doesn't have a scheduled maintenance date".
I used to own a 4cyl nissan hardbody pickup that was like that, I never had to do any maintenance on it really.. just change the oil and filters, maybe a belt or hose here or there.
I put 180k miles on it before I sold it, engine was still running great still on the stock clutch and pressure plate.

I think this nissan will be a breath of fresh air compaired to my Avenger.. which I have to replace a part on every time I turn around for "scheduled maintenance".

I'm changing the spark plugs tomorrow but what else should I look out for? The car has 97k miles and from the looks of it the only maintenance ever done were regular oil changes and the MAS/MAP sensor looks to be fairly new.

All of the hoses and belts look to be in order, but what else would you guys suggest I think about replacing?

I'm looking to get a lot of miles out of this car, and so far I'm pretty hopeful. The engine/tranny really remind me of my old nissan truck.. except for the engine being smaller and a lot less powerful.

I know you guys usually like for people to use the search function but the only thing I really found was info on the timing chain when I searched.. which doesn't ever really need replacing, or atleast not for a long time.
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plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter....all pretty cheap to do
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