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Just bought 2003 Spec-V

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I have a couple questions maybe some of you can answer.

First, I just bought the car late last night when all the prep guys were gone, so it hasn't been prepped yet. However, I tried washing it today and where the tape wasn't covering, there is some THICK residue on parts of the car that the soap won't remove. Anyone know how to do this? I'm going to go back to the dealership today when they open and hopefully they can prep the car for me.

Secondly, the antenna is the most annoying thing. Is there some kind of aftermarket shorter antenna that I can put on?

Third, it kinda sucks but my wheel is to the left a little, so I think the car needs an alignment. The car wasn't PDI'd, I called 20 dealers to find a car that just came in that they didn't do the PDI on yet because I didn't want the front license plate holes in the bumper. :)

Anyways, if you guys could shed some light on what I listed above I would appreciate it!


- Anthony
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adg.. actually, i think my alignment is kinda messed up too.. :(
Well this residue sure didn't remove. We tried simple green, a professional strength thinner, and other strong chemicals. I even stopped by a different Nissan Dealership (mine was closed) and they said it looked baked on somehow. This sucks, I took the car back to where I bought it and I dropped the keys in the night drop and gave a note saying I stopped payment on the car, and I will call the General Manager tomorrow morning when they open.

While I was there, I checked three other SE-Rs on the lot with all the tape off them (came in the same shipment with my car) and they had the dirt, but they didn't have the residue.

I thought maybe it is cosmoline, but that isn't as rough as this, and it is easily removed with tar and bug remover. We tried harder solvents like professional thinners and such.

The only thing I can think of that reminds me of what this looks like is "overspray". But from the looks of it that car has had no paint work???

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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