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Hi I have a few questions, so I'll try to make it quick.

1. Has any B14 GXE owners ever installed side skirts (like the SE) on their Sentra's? Is it difficult and what kind of work's involved?
2. I had a tire separation that damaged the paint on my rocker panel under the door. The insurance company paid for the work but I didn't notice until later that they just painted over the scratches that the tire's wires made during the incident back in June. Should I get this repainted because it's absolutely driving me insane?
3. Again regarding the paint job: I noticed a few dust things still stuck in the paint on my left fender. Should I get this redone since I always look at it when I go out to my Sentra?

I guess these things are bugging the crap out of me but to get it done the way I want it (perfection) I'm going to have to spend probably 500-700 just to get my fender and rocker panel done. Then I guess it will be perfect again!!! :p (I miss having the most perfect Sentra in my town. That's what sucks about buying a new car even though this one's almost 3 years old.)

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1) You need a Nissan mounting kit (some screws really) and the two piece skirts to connect.
2) Is that like the firestone thing? Well, its your call really. I guess if you get skirts, or the door covers like on the GTR kit it doesn't matter.
3) Same as 2 really. Post a pic so we can see if it is 'really' that bad.
THe money could always go to something else, and just say its from damage when you rally your car.

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