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Well guys and gals lets get another meet going on.....

well here's the idea
Hopkington State park-Hopkington,Ma.
Is located on route 85

It's a decent park with alot of nice space for having a bbq and it has a nice pond if ya like to swim(hopefully the water's warm )..
But we are trying to make meets in different areas to help accomodate everyone,we had a few in the Rhode Island area and we noticed there's a few of you from the mass area so we figured that it be in good interest to have one in the Mass area,so this way it's also closer to those that live in New Hampshire,Maine and Vermont areas....
I went and checked this place out with Joe and liked it so what do you guys think???
It's really easy to get to also..Here's some quick directions to the park..
Rte. 495 to exit 21A to Rte. 135 east, then left on Rte. 85 (Cedar St). Park entrance is on the right.
You can use or or whichever other online directions you'd like to get more specific directions to the park.Just use Cedar st. in Hopkington,Ma.

But the date will be on Sunday June 9th around 11:00 am till whenever....We decided to hold it on a Sunday this time cause I know a few of you guys at the last meet was asking why we have them on Saturdays all the time.....So knowing that a few of you work on Saturdays including myself,, we decided to have it on a Sunday instead...
99% of the times we all go out as a group after a meet and grab some food so if you'd also like to do that let me know and we'll plan on making some reservations for that as well so we don't have to wait for hours trying to get 15-20 people seated..

This gives you guys and gals a few weeks to decide if you are going and make all the neccessary plans to come..I will post up a poll or a headcount in a couple of weeks to start getting a head count and what not of who's planning on going...Remember judging by the park's regulations we will have to reserve a site or two in order to grille so please try to let me know when we post the poll so I can figure that out...
Also we should try to bring some things to do like a football or whatever to entertain ourselves...;)

Also if you have any other types of questions or comments or ideas for this meet please feel free to contact me either thru a Private Message or an e-mail at [email protected] Just make sure if you send me an e-mail to just include the words Hopkington Meet,Just so I don't accidently delete your mail...;)

So I hope we have a good turn out again,and I hope to see everyone there....

Thanks staff
New England Nissan Owners Club

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I also forgot to mention that this is open to all Nissan's not just Sentra's so invite anyone you know that owns a Nissan.....

sound like fun

i would love to see some awsome sentras, all i ever see are dumass hondas!

although my car does suck just has a new sound system. if i come i wont stay long though.

cya there. maybe.
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