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OK, since we get away with pr0n in here I figured a racist joke wouldn't hurt either. It was way too funny and I had to share it with someone..

A first grade teacher wanted to help her students learn black history so one Thursday, she told them that she would read them some famous quotes and whoever could guess who said it could stay home from school the next day.

The first one she read was, "By any means necessary." Hands shot up. "Yes, Leroy, can you tell me who said that?" "Malcom X." "That's right," said the teacher, "You may go home now, and you don't have to come to class tomorrow."

The next one was, "I have a dream." Again, dozens of little black hands went up. "Yes, Shaquita, do you know who said that?" "Martin Luther King, Jr." "Why yes, that's right, you can go home early and skip school tomorrow also."

From the back of the classroom came a disgusted voice, "You god damn ******* make me fucking sick." The teacher ran to the back of the room and screamed, "Who said that!?"

The little White boy jumped out of his chair and headed for the door, saying on his way out, "David Duke. See ya Monday, bitch!"
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