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I know that this company in Grapevine is growing a lot but I'm not sure what kinds of positions are available.

This would be more targeted towards EE_in_training though. A friend of mine graduated EE from UT last year and he's there now.

crazy2002mexican: have you thought about working in a bank? I'm not sure if you've already gone to college or not but I do know that during college I worked at a bank and they've got tuition incentives for employees and all types of benefits and whatnot. The pay is competitive and scheduling is usually fairly flexible. I've also read a lot recently about skilled labor jobs such as electricians and carpenters being in REALLY high demand. The training is by apprenticeship usually and there's lot of incentives that building and construction companies are giving to people who are willing to learn.

If customer service is your thing then I think you really can do almost anytihng. Check out sales jobs in banking or perhaps pharmaceuticals. Could be VERY lucrative.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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