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This group buy will be for the Jimmy Bars chasis components for the B15 Sentras only.

Cap of 8 buyers, no matter how many bars. So we may end up with a total of 24 bars, might be only 8. We'll end this when we hit our 8 and shipping will be shortly after that once people pay.

4pt flat with triangle brace - $150
4pt flat - $135
4pt round - $125

Mid Bar flat - $55
Mid bar round - $45

Exhaust bar flat $40.
Exhaust bar round $40.

Exhast bar $10 if you buy the other 2 bars (same steel (flat or round) as the other 2 you buy).

$25 for a set (UPS ground)
$20 for a 4pt (UPS ground)
$10 for a mid bar or exhaust bar by itself (USPS priority mail)

No increased shipping cost to add an exhaust bar to any of that.

Mid bar is NOT compatible with the Tanabe bar.

We can add clearance at the exhaust if they want it (for turbo/vq guys). We just need to know how much extra clearance you need.

All bars will be powdercoated RED.


Front and mid tie bar in flat steel (for extra ground clearance over the round bar)

Front bar with a triangle brace and mid bar installed.

Exhaust Bar in flat steel installed.

All 3 bars in flat stock with a triangle brace in the 4 point lower tie bar.

Here is my 4 point lower tie bar in blue but it shows the round bar.

Here is my how to install on the 4 point lower tie bar:

How To: Jimmy Bar Lower Tie Bar Install - - Nissan Sentra Forum

The Mid brace and exhaust brace are both bolt up bars as well, I don't have a write up on them, but by looking at the pics you should be able to see where they go.

For the group buy, either post up or pm which bars you want and if you want them in flat or round stock.

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