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I really, really want a plug and play unit for my E.C.U.. I have a Nissan Altima SE-R ( 2005 ) V6. I come from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Why does nobody make one.


Thanks for your interest in JWT products. ECU development for the 2002+
Altima is in the works but availability and a release date are still a
ways off and cannot be specifically determined at this time. Sign up on
our home page to our e-mail list and we will e-mail you when more parts
become available.

Here is a list of what we have for the 02+ Altima with VQ35DE engine.

Note: Go to our web site and enter the part # in our products section to
get more information.

PALT2-1XCGX Pop-Charger air intake system $159.00 (2002+ ALL)

A3503-N00S1 Cams, VQ35DE S1 billet, 260 degrees duration/.428" lift,
intake adv +2 degrees, lash cold .010"-.013" $1198.00 (set of 4)

A3503-N00S2 VQ35DE S2 JWT billet camshaft set, 256 degree duration,
.430" lift $1198.00
Use these for 2003+ automatics and all 04+ non rev-up spec models,
special for models with no idle adjustment capability through the Nissan
Consult (LEV-II emissions models)

A3503-SPRING HD VQ35 spring/shim set, for use with JWT & NISMO cams with
rev limit raised above 7,000 rpm. Includes shims to replace the stock
base shims to obtain the correct installed height (36mm,) 43lb on seat
and 12.5mm lift with coil bind @ 13.5mm lift. $9.95 each

XALT2-HDRV6 Header set, 02-03 Altima V6 includes:ceramic coated headers,
pre-cat converters, flex pipes, $715.00 (special clearance price
$599.00, only 3 sets left)

LALT2-NF000 Billet aluminum flywheel 15lbs, fits 02+ Altima V6, $450.00

LZ332-NC000 Hi-Performance clutch kit (pressure plate and disc,) 1200kg
clamping force fits 2002+ Altima/Maxima with 3.5L engine $485.00

MISCW-STKR1 JWT Windshield banner available in white only $22.00

MISCL-FRAME JWT license plate frame $4.00

MISCL-PATCH Patch, JWT embroidered, 5" x 2", iron on or sew on $5.00

MCM10-NOMAX CM-100 Engine monitor without max, can show duty cycle, MAF
voltage, MPH, H2O in F. $119.00

MCMX1-WMAX0 CMX-100 Engine monitor with max, can show duty cycle, MAF
voltage, MPH, H2O in F. $159.00

Note: prices subject to change without notice, call to confirm all pricing.

Customer Support

Jim Wolf Technology, Inc.
212 Millar Avenue
El Cajon, CA 92020

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All that is great information, I personally spent the extra cash and went with jet, alot of people for some reason dont like jet, but I think it was money well spent, I sent off the ECU and got it back in 2 days, put it in and I could immediately tell the difference, no delay at all, you so much as think gas it and your gone, its great. I love my jet chip. So BLAH to all you Jet Chip haters out there :mad:

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Turbo XS has one for are cars it's a plug and play one. You have to e-mail them personally because it just came out. They have not up dated there web site yet.


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Newbie question here, as I'm not familiar with the potential of the VQ engine.... what kind of dyno numbers would you expect if you did all of those modifications, the intake, cams, springs, big exhaust etc.? Has anyone done all of it? I'm used to the SR20's and that's crazy to see you need 4 cams, haha. I think I'll def be getting a POP charger, at least because I love the sound at WOT.
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