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Hello Everyone,

So I tried to put together a dyno day in short notice, at the end of the year, during a slow economy. I have run these events in the past for my prior car clubs and I know everyone here would enjoy these events just as much.

Here is what I am asking of you. Just tell me what month you think is the best season to have a dyno day, BBQ, gathering.

You do not have to confirm that you will come to the event. No promises are required at this point. I am just taking a poll to know when I should attempt to setup the next event.

Thanks for your input and I know we will make this happen in 2009!

--Other updates--
Just to give everyone an update from around the 4 forums I have this on here is the current poll standing:


And for those interested here are the forums used:
  • Solstice Forum
  • Sky Roadster Forum
  • Corvette Forum
  • XLR Forum

I'm kind of curious to hear your opinions on:
  1. Should I add more forums and who do you think I should add?
  2. Should any of the forums listed be removed and why do you think so?

Thanks for voting and keep them comming. New poll to be posted first week of 2009.

--Final Update--
I am opening this up to all roadster cars in New Jersey now. Everyone is invited. This is just the poll to figure out when is best for everyone. I hope to hear some good feed back from here. Thanks for everyone's inputs.

-- Poll
Since I can't add a poll just yet please respond to this post with one of the following options

1. Winter
2. Spring
3. Summer
4. Fall
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