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I purchased a 91 se-r about a little less than
a year ago. Awsome car. Was awsome until it overheated
due to a bad thermostat. I ran it on the highway
for 45 minutes past the H on overheat. (OUCH)
Lots of smoke.
I got a new radiator and a new thermostat.
Ran great until we ran some tests on it to find
that it had a slow headgasket leak. Oops.
Also had bad blow-by oil pressure from a damaged
sealent ring on the piston. Another oops.

Scrapped the old for a slightly new JDM primera
SR20DE. Did all the work myself, was a pain, but I
would do it again now that I know whats what.
Had to fab the down pipe. Cut it 5in shorter due to
the fact that the JDM exhaust manifold is longer and
cooler. Also had to weld in the o2 bung.
Anyway. With none of the emissions and all It runs
bad ass now.
QUESTION though. Is the high port throttle body better?
and should I have my ECU reprogrammed or try and get
a JDM GTI-R/Sunny ECU being I have no EGR or emissions?

Let me know. Thanks. Sorry to bore you with my life story.

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Got it from Makoto Auto Parts co.? Won it on Ebay
for $300 and $150 shipping. Came from Virginia
with warenty and all that good stuff.

I had to change over the flywheel since it
was an auto, and I had to change over some
parts like the TPS since theres was diff. Changed
over the fuel rail and injectors since it came with
a crushed rail, and I changed over some sensor in the
back since the plug was diff. (cant remember)

Of course I used the JDM header...Much better design
than the crappy stock cast iron.

*Still, is the HIGH PORT intake better? (sorry I had said throttle body before.)
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