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I plan on turbocharging my 96 200sx se-r however i was wondering if you all think that i t would be advantagious to swap in either a bluebird or GTiR engine or just buy a turbo kit. I am hoping to make 350-400 hp and was wondering which choice would be more cost effective, reliable and easier to install.
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well if you already have the 2.0L engine, you may as well put the turbo on that. there's no sense in ripping out a perfectly fine SR20 to put in another SR20 with a turbo already bolted on.
i would suggest going for the swap instead of the turbo upgrade... the sr20det has stronger internals than the sr20de... so by the time you finish upgrading your internals, ignition system, fuel system, and dropping the turbo kit... you'll also spend less on the swap...
yea juss do the swap and then upgrade the turbo on it....
Wait a sec.the SR20 can handle up to 400 whp on the stock internals. Is it adviseable to push that limit.? no..Buy the kit and throw on with everything else you will need. You already have all the correct sensors on the car, and you wont need to replace the waterpump, and bearings on your would have to on the DET. The BB DET isnt any stronger than the regular US spec SR20..but the GTi-R is stronger. Sodium filled valves, and stronger connecting well as factory installed oil you NED this...? no, like I said, you can safely hit 350-400 HP on stock bottom I got closer to 400, then start considering beefing up the bottom end.

Either way, you will need to replace your clutch with a stronger one if you havent already, as well as tapping the block for the turbo oil lines. And if you get a kit like the F max you can get the FMIC, and all the piping...theres alot more, but just thought Id give you the correct info...Swaps are good, but you can accomplish your goal with the kit. (dont forget emmissions in your state if applicable):D
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The US SR20DE has a much higher compression.
The lower compression on the BB DET is made for boost...
the US SR spec is 9.5:1..?? The GTi-R is 8.3:1..edit* and the BB DET is 8.5:1.......9.5:1 is not really considered high compression..10:1, 10.5:1 and 11-12:1 are..
But it is higher than the BB DET.

Hell, I would just do the kit if it were me. I was just stating a difference in the motors....

Oh, also the oil squirters in the pistons....
cool..the BB DET doesnt have the oil squirters.just he GTi-R.jsut for clarification purposes...Id do the kit as well...just for less hassles..
Black200SXSER said:
cool..the BB DET doesnt have the oil squirters.just he GTi-R.jsut for clarification purposes...Id do the kit as well...just for less hassles..

Hmmm, the BB DET we swapped in the 200SX has squirters.
you are bad...
It's cool.

We went from a 1.6ltr to the BB DET.
If it were a SR20DE, we would of just went with the FMAX kit.

We just swapped in the rear axel/disc brakes from an SE-R onto it on Saturday. It already had the NX200 front calipers and rotors, but he needed even more stopping power.
cool, do you have any info on the SE-R rear axle swap? did you have to change the master cylinder?
The axel swap was very easy.
No master cylinder swap. Just a bit of fluid for when you bleed the lines.
There are 3 major bolts under the car, the 4 strut bolts, and that is about it.
The only issue we has was the clearance between the bolt on the trailing arm and the exhaust. It was very tight, and the socket had a hard time fitting in there.
I replaced one for a guy I know that had hydraulics..the trailing arm snapped on him where the lower cup was welded helps to get the car as high as possible for leverage..Impacts dont fit up in those spaces to well..
bluebird has bigger injectors, turbo pistons, and all sorts of goodies that an sr20de doesnt have if you want as much hp as a bluebird with a turbo sr20 then you have to change alot of components
wow, I didn't know there was that much of a difference. I'm glad we got a disscussion going on this.
hey guys... you ever heard of the quad throttle body upgrade for the GA16DE motor??? me and my team is thinking of building another b14 for show and street... and our homeboys in the philippines have seen those throttle bodies used on the motors there... our budget is limited on this one since it's not gonna be used to race... so chances are, we're only gonna be using parts we can get in the usa (for now)...:D
I would swap the motor. You can get a motor for half the price of a f-max kit. It is not that hard to swap out the sensors from your stock sr20 --only hard thing is changing the rod bearings which is suggested I mean if you know what you doing and do it yourself. But you know if you go the money buy a plsar Gtir det and put a f-max kit on it---I wonder if anyone did that yet.
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