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Great pics! One day some thoughty tuner will consider being low-profile about the intercooler and really impress me through the though and time used in the intercooler fabrication and design. I love to se the boosted cars, though hate to see the coolers, for young guys it's a major woodie, but for older guys like myself, it looks unsightly and in my opinion takes away from the look of the car we all fell in love with. More so when it is readily visibile through means of cutting the bumper or portions of the front ar dam to house it. 350Z and g35 owners come out with custom S/C kits and for these premium coupes their coolers are so well integrated they are practically invisible and looks more refined than these super huge coolers (possibly overkill) when you look at them. Meaning behind what I type is look at your B12 pic, (massive cooler in front) I have to speculate if the poor racer could even re-installt his front clip with out having to cut away most of what's behind the front bumper. All NEW 350Z HKS super charger bolt on kit. So small that even the oil cooler can go up with with it w/o cutting away anything and be so low-key and well integrated that smog police could possibly overlook it. Follow here you cool man! The sr20 is considerably smaller than the qr35, if a man can take a bigger motor (which would make more heat actually being N/A with 9.5:1 pistons and run a snail kit) and use a smaller cooler? It makes me wonder if the 4cyl guys are just into overkill, or show, or intimidation-factor. Respect and Kudos to him/her that car could OWN my car standing still, though consider we are paying $890.00 to $1,200.00 for these cooler kits, lets demand better looking more OEM-like integration so as not to loose our pretty little innocent B12 faces.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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