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ive got some racing questions for everyone

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well you see i drive an automatic because i am way to lazy to drive standard and i just dont have the attentionspan, well anyway i was wondering what is the best way to get a good launch? and 1 more question i dont have a tach so when manually shifting what is the best speeds to shift at,
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I agree, People Mod cars to be individual. Most people I know that seriously mod thier cars don't want to race them as there are always Ricers out there that take stupid risks and could end up destroying your car that you have spent many hours and £/$ working on. And man could you really live with yourself If you killed someone by driving like an idiot??

I aint no goody goody and I'm not preaching to you either, Just be careful where you do drive fast and always be curtios to other drivers... (How would you like it if some racer cutup your Mum,Gran,Sister,Girlfriend etc, and caused them to crash???)

1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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